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About Chef Jethro

Director and  founder of Copedo Culinary Experience, Chef 

Jethro started his career at 16 years old and has been cooking 

up creative and delicious dishes on the Sunshine Coast for the 

past 15 years. Choosing to work within the finest restaurants 

on the Sunshine Coast he has been able to refine his 

kitchen skills to become the highly regarded chef he is today. 

Recently developed experience with European style cuisines, 

he has had extensive experience with Asian influenced dishes,

including 4.5 years with sought after restaurant and cooking school 

The Spirit House, here on the coast. He was able to further develop

skills with a Thai influence, was required to produce the daily 

specials and often create dishes for food magazine shoots also. 

Throughout his time with the Spirit House family, he travelled 

with other team members to Thailand to experience and learn 

more about Thai street food and culture. 

Chef Jethro holds a deep passion for delivering high standard 

dishes that everyone can enjoy and will create the exceptional

dining experience within a familiar table setting. He implements 

strict quality control to ensure that his food is safe to eat and 

adheres to all food safety regulations, and is always looking for 

opportunities to further develop his skills.

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